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Ground Up - TC discount ????

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I just put an order into Ground Up. I mentioned Team Chevelle, and asked about any discounts. Discounts started at a $250 order, and bigger. I ordered anyway.

I was gonna order the same parts from Year One because I had recieved a 10% coupon on ANY $$ SIZE order. But the parts I really needed were on backorder not due in till end of the month. Course the parts were a shade more $$, but I was gonna toss in a few things G.U. don't have in their catalog.

Long story, longer, I thought G.U. offered TC members a discount? Or do they just support the page?

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Ground Up hase some speacials listed on the main Team Chevelle page. I got a great deal on some body bushings. I met the Ground Up guys at the NCOA Chevelle Showdown in Waterbury, CT. The where real nice guys. Remembered my order and were a pleasure to talk with. I hope people will give them a chance whenever they need somethng.

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