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On my 72 350 I have no ground straps on the car. Mine was correct from the factory without them. They don't make the car run if they are not there.
The negative cable can be screwed anywhere on the block. Where ever you tie it to must be clean and tight.

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If you have an assembly manual for your car, it should show this in there. On my 66, there are 3 for an AM radio car or 4 if it has AM/FM.

One small one goes from the frame to the inner fender down near the battery. (your car probably has plastic inner fenders so this wouldn't apply) There is also one from each valve cover to the firewall. If AM/FM, there is one from the frame to the firewall near where the speedometer cable goes into the firewall.

1972 may be different so check a manual to be sure.

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