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Ground problem I dont understand

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I was wiring up a relay today on my chevelle for an electric fan and was having some problems. ive wired up many relays before with no problems but for some reason the only way I could get this relay to work was if I ran the grounds (from the fan and the relay) directly to the battery, I have never had any problems drilling a good tight clean ground someplace on the body but after trying a few different places (bare metal spot on the frame rail, bare metal on floor pan) the only way I could get it to work was to go to the negative on the battery can anyone explain to why? I don't understand it

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Have a wire from battery (-) to the right inside fender? If so what happens when you tie the relay to that point?
Just trying to see if the relay works at that point or not. If it does there shouldn't be any reason why it won't work on any sheetmetal spot. The frame isn't ground unless there's a separate strap tied to it.
Originally posted by Hot66ss:
...but still cant see why the clean metal spot on the floor pan didnt work
Neither can I. That's why I'm asking you to check and see if the body (sheetmetal) ground is attached and if the relay works off that point. If it doesn't work you have some problem with the small strap to the right fender. If it does work, there may be some reason why the right fender isn't grounding the main cab.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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