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Greyhound Takes 2 Months to ship Pan

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I had sold a trunk pan to a customer and shipped it with Greyhound on Feb 25, he finally got it today. Yes, it was lost there in Greyhound bus lands, next to some less fortunate packages with no were to go. It was insured for there max value of $300.00, though the customer paid $400.00. He had me a little worried when he had not heard from GH in 2 weeks, by the 4th week, it was told that it was lost and to file a claim. Just to get them to email me the form took 3 tries over 5 days, but on their behalf, someone got off their butt and looked for it. I had the customers information writting in large letters on the 63X57X5" trunk floor. This was a first beside them taking 10 days to get it to the next state over on a package tray. I guess sometimes its worth paying a little more for better tracking. I have shipped out 3 more packages, 2 of them COD and I will suggest that to all my customers. That way, If they loose it, they loose their money too.
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