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grand cherokee conversion...centering problem

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Hello, just finished the GC conversion, used my old pump with the adapter fittings from Lee Mfg.

the steering is much tighter now, but The car seems to take a lot more effort to make it turn. I can live with this ...What I cant live with is the fact that after rounding a corner the car doesnt seem to pull the steering wheel back to center as you let the wheel slip through your hands. You have to grip the wheel and turn it back.

any ideas on this? Would it help to loosen the lock nut on top and turn the allen head bolt to loosen the worm gear? Do I need a new box with higher output pressure?

If I need to change the pressure control valve on the pump..where do I get one? Can it be changed with the Lee Mfg. fittings?

I know this post contains a lot of questions. I am really concened with the way the steering feels now and would appreciate all input on these problems?
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Steve, thanks for the reply.

I guess the steering "feel"is just so different than what I'm used to that it will take a little time to adjust.

I can turn the wheels lock to lock while sitting at a red light, so it sounds like pressure isn't an issue either

When I go get an alignment do I just tell the mechanic that I want positive caster?

Thanks again
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