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government work tools

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man i have been having the hardest time pulling a steering wheel collar off a '68 vette, i ever had in my life! someone before me had messed up the threads in the collar that are to be used with a standard puller. i tried going on the o.d. of the collar with a different type of nowhere....went in and took the damaged threads up a size and retapped....still would not come off...switched to a harmonic balancer puller to get more horsepower on it and all that did was take out the new threads. finally i got busy in the tool room at work and rigged up this little deal to pick up on the threaded holes for the steering wheel. still had to use a 1/2" breaker bar and i mean lean into big time but let go and came off the shaft. now i got some more thread damage to repair on the steering column post but i think i can fix them up. pic of the "government job" tooling attached for those who may run into the same thing on a vette. darn picture was to large of a file to upload. sorry i will try and edit one in later. here it is. [BTW that one screw is not started crooked, LOL, i just stuck it in for the photo to show where the screws picked up on the steering wheel bolt circle]
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Link goes to your showroom index that show one photo of your car....Use a heicoil to rethread it with something stronger than the pot metal. I have found a LITTLE heat and tapping on the shaft sometimes help them pop-loose. I've had truck rear brake drums I've had to weld brackets to the drum to get enough leverage to get them off because the pullers wouldn't grab the back of the drum under stress.
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