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Ok, I've got the ZZ502 that the previous owner put what look like Lunati rockers and a different cam in. Now that a lifter has semmingly died on me, I'm considering changing cams and lifters in it. This car recently made 437/460 at the wheels through a TH400 on a Dynojet. I'm assuming the heads (oval port 781's?) are the 9.6:1 heads that come with the package. What cam, lifter combos would you guys recommend? This is a toy. The only time it's on the street is to go out, line up and kick somebody's butt. I don't care much about streetability as long as it'll get to the spot and go down the track as quickly as possible. I currently manual shift the AT at 6K RPM because the power peaks at 5600 RPM. Give me some options for this beast, including suggestions for intake manifolds to match the cams suggested. The exhaust is Hooker 2" to 3" Flowmaster 2 chambers and 90* turns to the middle of the doors, no X pipe. Trans is a TH400 with a 3K flash stall, looking to go to 4400 flash. I haven't built a BBC in over 20 years so catch me up a bit. Thanks.

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I went to Cammotions website, submitted all the data that I knew about my combo and they sent back a cam recommendation with a price.
they came back with a slightly larger cam than I'm running now, more lift, more duration, wider lsa. I'm currently running a Comp solid roller xr286r on a 107lsa. I'm the last person to recommend a cam to anyone, I've heard good things about Cammotion and Cam Innovations. When you factor in the lash on their recommendation the lift isnt a whole lot more, definately more duration @ .050 and the wider 110 lsa.

Grind Number R2583-2664-10+4
Duration (intake/exaust) 259°/269°
Lift (intake/exaust) .702/.681
Lobe Center Separation 110°
Intake Centerline 106°
Comments HOT LASH .025
Price US$290.00 + SHIPPING
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