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Got my data logging going....

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Since its off season for racing for us down here in Houston (88* today), I figured I would finish up some stuff I have needed to do before the Fall/Winter race season, one of which was finish my data logger install.....

I am using an old school LM1 with an LMA3 aux box to log all of the data. I will eventually add a fuel pressure transducer so I can also log fuel pressure. For now I am just logging AFR, RPMs and vacuum. Here is a screen shot of a log I just did on the street. This was just a 2nd gear start from about 40 mph. Notice it still has over 1" of vacuum in high gear....air cleaner restriction. I didnt run it all the way through the top of 3rd....only up to about 120 mph or so......

The dip midway through 2nd on the black trace is when i back pedaled it while spinning a bit...

Seems to work well. The only "issue" I have is that the RPM reading is about 70 rpms lower then what my max recall on my auto meter shiftlight says.... The shift light normally shows a max of around 6030rpms at the shift points, this one showing 5960rpms.....Yet at lower RPMs, they read EXACTLY the same of them starts reading fast...about 70 rpms fast not sure which but.....Both of them match my factory tach (cable driven off the dizzy) EXACTLY at 3500 so....calibration wise, they are good....i guess...

So...anyway it should be a valuable tool for dialing this thing in at the strip during race season as I claw my way to 10.49s in -DA air....:D

Also its cool to plug in the laptop to dial in the mixture screws(the vac channel on the logger matches both of my vacuum gauges within .5hg) without even having to dig up a gauge and hook it up, and I can record the vacuum data anytime its running.

For now its time to cruise for the Summer..... AC was blowing 37* today....:yes: .... Burrrr....:D


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you can also get a good idea of the stall, and any little dip(bog) with the RPM readout-cool stuff
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