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Good idea to wire fuel pump this way?

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Before i started rewiring my car, the power feed for the electric fuel pump was crimped into the battery cable where it connected to the post. Could i just wire it to the ACC terminal on the fuse box? If i did it this way would the fuel pump turn on when i start the car and turn off when i turn the car off? And would it get the 12V it needs? Thanx for any help.


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I agree with 69_Malibu that you definitely need some other switch to automatically shut it off if you were to ever get in an accident. I don't believe it will pass tech inspection just wired to the acc terminal if that is of concern for you. I think Coppertop kinda missed to oil pressure switch idea (no offense) in that an oil pressure switch is different from the oil pressure sending unit. Please do not try to run the 12v through the oil pressure sending unit. An oil pressure switch is a separate unit that has two terminals that get shorted together when there is oil pressure, but are open when no pressure is present. The is a good idea so that in an accident and the ignition is still on, the fuel pump does not continue to spew gas everywhere. (Unless the engine stays running!) The only problem with the oil pressuse switch is actually plumbing into the motor somewhere where it can accurately read pressure. For your distance, I would definitely stay with 12g wire, especially with that many connections. Hope this helps.

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