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GMPP 12486570 for Vortec

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Tried googling and could not find solid answers on what intake this exactly is. I know it's a dual plane and for Vortec but I'm trying to find information for its performance details.

Is this a Performer RPM equivalent? I am putting Vortec head on my 350 with 700r4 and stock cam.
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I believe it also has EGR
i think that's the casting number... the GM part number in my 2011 GMPP catalog is 12496820.. i think this is the intake that they put on their mild mannered vortec headed crate engines- so it's good to at least 330hp...
That clears things up! Same cast number is visible in pictures.

If I use Vortec heads I'd use this intake only because it has EGR. Still have emissions here.
The intake I'm looking at has provisions for EGR but this will be going on my 71 Chevelle using 906 Vortecs so I'll be plugging it.

Wanted to find out if it was a worthy intake first. Looks like it came on 330-350hp rated motors
I've read this is comparable to the old Z28 style intake??

Do you know of a source that sells a kit of the GM bolts? I do not want to pay $3-$4 a bolt, that's the only thing holding me back from using the GM stuff.

I will be using GM 12556596 to plug the EGR off
The intake is listed for $150, I'm going to attempt to haggle after I get the heads back in my hands in working order.

I do trust the Felpro name and I know my local store carries both the intake and head gasket I need.
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