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GMPP 12486570 for Vortec

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Tried googling and could not find solid answers on what intake this exactly is. I know it's a dual plane and for Vortec but I'm trying to find information for its performance details.

Is this a Performer RPM equivalent? I am putting Vortec head on my 350 with 700r4 and stock cam.
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I'm going to be running one of these manifolds on my current project. It's an equivalent to the Performer Vortec, and I think Edelbrock actually casts it for GM. One note about EGR: There is no "internal" passage for EGR. If you need EGR, you need to run a pipe from your exhaust to that fitting up near the front water passage on the manifold (the one pointed towards the drivers side valve cover, just in front of the GM logo). If you are not using EGR, you'll need a plug for that hole, and a block-off plate for the EGR mounting flange. That's how I'll be running mine.

Sure wish they made a spreadbore RPM intake for Vortec heads.
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