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The story, for anyone who cares: In 2002 I bought a '76 Laguna S3 (known as a Chevelle with a Camaro front end by the car lot) for $3500 of my own money after my 1980 El Camino had finally given up the ghost; it was Firethorn Met with the white stripe, white vinyl roof, mahogany cloth buckets, console (obviously), power locks/windows/truck, cruise, rear defroster, "econo" gauge, moon roof (not factory, I assumed), 400/TH350...I guess everything except the swivel buckets and "posi". This was in Abilene, TX.

Right when I bought it I had a new Art Carr TH350 put in the car. Then the rear end went out of the car a few months later, and an acquaintance I knew had a shop. He helped me put a new rear end in it. A few months later I had trouble with the engine. As a poor college student I did nothing but park the car and start saving money to fix it. During that time, the acquaintance asked if he could use my transmission for a race truck he had. I said ok, because I felt in debt to him for the help he had given me when the rear end went out.

He trailered the car to his shop, pulled the transmission, and told me when I wanted the car back to let him know. I let him know several times, and he was always too busy. I lived out of town (75 mile round trip) and could not afford to have it towed myself. Long story short...the car "vanished" and has never surfaced again to my knowledge.

Now we fast forward to 2011; and I am still trying to find a car to replace that one.

I have found 76's for sale in various conditions...and with prices that follow no logic. There's a nicely (if you like velvet interior) restored 75 for sale for $5k; and then a 76 "basket case" for $14k...

All I really want is a rust free 76 Laguna with a console and power windows/locks...I should probably start shopping for Arizona ocean front property, too...

After the Laguna and my grandmother's borrowed truck, I got a real job and have owned several GM's after that, the cars I've owned in order.

1980 El Camino Conquista
1976 Laguna S3
1992 Camaro Z28 t-top
1994 Camaro Z28 'Vert
1999 Formula Firebird hardtop
1984 Oldsmobile 98 Regency (grandmothers car I inherited)
2003 Mercedes CL600

Long story short - my Formula burned (was a 9 second, stock appearing car), I am not a "Mercedes guy" (even though a 540rwhp/780rwtrq land barge is fun), so now I'm back to searching for a Laguna...

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Thanks for the welcome guys!

welcome aboard. did you ever report the other car stolen?
I didn't.

Well, I tried, but he just told the cops he sold it for storage fees...

I think Chuck Hanson has a nice one for sale ,dont remember the price. Its in the latest ACES magazine I think.
I'm not familiar with that magazine, do you know where I could find that?
EDIT: I figured out who that is, and what ACES is. Sent ACES1 a PM.
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