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When you consider a car is a collection of parts from hundreds of manufacturers, and that when GM sells you a part it's one it obtains from another company in most cases, here's a wiring harness they are offering on GM Performance Parts, and which I found on for 297.04 (plus a high handling and shipping fee)

I know that this would be cheaper through some third party vendors, but for someone that feels better ordering a new harness "from GM"

GM PART # 12355693
GM LIST: $424.34
OUR PRICE: $297.04
DESCRIPTION: HARNESS - 18-circuit system
This basic 18-circuit system is wired for:

- Air Conditioning and Heat
- Brake Lights
- Coil
- Electric Fan
- Emergency Flashers
- Gauges / Dash Instruments
- Headlights
- Horn
- Radio
- Turn Signals
- Wipers
- Dome Light
- Third Brake Light

- Cigarette Lighter
- Power Windows
- Power Door Locks
- Electric Fuel Pump
- Backup Lights / Cruise Control
- Speakers

Technical Notes:
These universal systems will rewire any car or truck - street, race, or off-road - using a GM-keyed column and have extra long wire to accommodate nearly any application. It is recommended they be offered for discontinued factory harnesses no longer serviced


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I found the wiring harness on GM Performance Parts web site.

I only used GMPartsdirect as a source to purchase the GM part # from since they are usually the cheapest for GM part #s

Technically this is a GM part, however, as with most of their parts, it's probablty an aftermarket company or contracted harness as you pointed out.

I beleieve that most of their GM restoration parts are aftermarket as well. In fact I was told that from a parts counter guy when asking about some parts that I wanted to make sure were high quality.
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