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  • GM Had Strikers on the Assembly Line

    P.S. : &nbsp On stock disc brakes, how does the pedal contact the rubber bumper and brake switch. As my conversion now stands, I have a 1 inch gap from the bumper to the pedal. Is there a bracket or something that moves the bumper closer?

    J._. : &nbsp If the rod that connects to the brake pedal from the back of themaster cylinder attaches to the lower hole on your brake pedal, then youare in need of a spacer. Chevrolet calls it a "striker". If you have accessto an assembly manual, this spacer is clearly shown. Unfortunately, it isno longer available from Chevrolet. The good news is that you should beable to find one on any 1967-1972 A-body. I uncovered this information whenI converted to disc's on my 1967, SS Chevelle.

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