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Sorry if this is a dup - I also posted in the Engines section, but someone suggested I try here to get more eyeballs looking at it.

I am trying to figure out which is the correct windage tray to use with the stock Gen V/VI 6-quart oil pan in a 454. I have seen the 3967854 tray listed as the one that is used with the Corvette pan, but the other 14097040 tray is listed for Gen V and VI 454 engines. The pictures I have found online look identical, but they may be stock pictures. Does anyone know the difference, and which one do I need?

Also, the "854" tray lists the 3902885 bolt with stud for installation, but I have also found another part number for a main stud for use with the tray - 10224104, which is listed as "windage tray stud, gen V 454/502". I am confused about which tray and stud setup to use. None of the local GM parts houses have them in stock for me to do a visual comparison. :confused:

Anyone have any help they can offer? Thanks in advance.
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