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Hi - too busy to pay enough attention but today I was putting lifters in a freshened up 3.8L / 229 and notice the cam walked like 1/4" so much so that the lifter wouldnt fall down until i nabbed cam back into block - i could be kicking myself here but did it come with one? im very familiar with the vortec roller style 2 hole one for step nose cams but having a brain moment here, dont recall seeing holes for such a plate on the old flat tappet style - is the timing gear designed to keep it from going fwd or just the gear drive on the distributor push the cam back when running?

Wondering if i misplaced a part - as far as i remember the cam gear went straight onto the cam - nothing really to hold it in - at the time i was so preoccupied that it caught me now-
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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