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Was coming back from my tranny guys place after a bit of work, a highway trip - 40 miles, and the car felt a little off. Carried on till I got to the off ramp to my place. When got to a light the car was bucking and popping. Stopped looked for source, all plug wires on, ditributor tight, etc. Limped her home. Got it up on stands and was underneath. My plug wires are routed under the motor with looms off the oil pan. Plug wires 4 and 1 were burned through against the headers. I figure the tranny guy accidently dislodged them when he was working under the car, as ther were no issues on way out to him.

So, now I am blowing blue upon start up, at high rmps, and when at a stop a cloud of blue drifts past the car, both sides.

I am guessing that the 2 dead cylinders ended up getting glazed from fuel wash, and the rings took a beating, so I need a re-ring. There is only 3000 miles on this new motor. :(

Does this sound like an accurate assesment?


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Think I'd change the plug's and the oil and see the result before I started the teardown.
Follow that with a compression test (dry then wet ,both with the throttle blocked wide open) and then a leakdown test.
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