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Does anyone out there know a way to remove the mirror glass without breaking it, from a rear view mirror on a “69” Chevelle Malibu? My passenger side mirror will not stay adjusted and have tried several things to tighten up the ball to no avail. Hate to junk it just because it wouldn’t behave.

1969 Chevelle Malibu 2-door coupe.

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If you remove the mirror from the door then place it glass down in a container. Fill the container with enough gasoline to cover the mirror housing. Let it soak overnight. In the mouring when you pick the mirror up the glass may be laying on the bottom of the container. If not it will be very easy to dislodge.
However if this is an original mirror or most kf the replacement brands removun g the glass will not be beneficial as there is no way to tighten the strap that holds the mirror in p!ace. There are only two brands that can be retightened. The first is 69 camaro mirrors (same mirror as Chevelle) sold by D&R Classics. If you remove the glass on that brand they have screws the can be retightened to hold the mirror in place. The second is Morris Classics which have external screws that retighten the strap on the pivoting ball.
Best thing to do to originals is to put divots in the rotating ball with a spring loaded punch. This has the most effect but will not make them perfect.
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