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glass front end, hood latch question?

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Just got a bolt on fiberglass hood, this thing looks brand new, its a bolt on type hood with the finished edges all around with a 2 inch z 28 cowl on it. The hoods got the anchors in it for the hinges, and its actually 12 3/4 inches apart so its perfect for my 68. But.. the latch end of the hood, theres no inserts in the bracing, and taping on it, it sounds pretty hollow. Im worried about using screws and having the latch come loose and the front of my hood catching some air and pulling itself apart. Anyone else running a glass hood. Im really trying to avoid drilling pins, but for safetys sake I will, but just asking for ideas. thanks Jim
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I stayed up late last night doing some research. turns out its a unlimited products bolt on, hood with pin on front. I ended up buying some pins and installed it today. I read where alot of folks dont like the product, but for my car, being a daily driver it fit fine. Im happy with it. Jim.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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