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Genius or idiot... you decide

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My started finally gave out and I replaced it with a high-torque mini starter. Wow what a difference
For anyone that has a big block I highly recommend the $200 investment. Even at 210 degrees she turns over like nothing! Seems to spin the motor at least 2x the speed of the old "boat anchor" Delco.

Now the idiot or genius part :rolleyes:
I bought a universal starter. It has an aluminum plate that allows adjustment to obtain multiple positions (angles) for the starter/solenoid. What I ended up doing is mounting this unit upside down which left the solenoid totally exposed (on the bottom instead of the top) for easy wiring after I installed the unit. I did not have to attempt to connect the wires and than position the unit for mounting. In addition this actually moved both the starter and solenoid further from the headers and block. This is a weekend only ride that never sees rain so I am not concerned with the elements getting at the solenoid.

Am I missing something in doing this?
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Can't think of anything real bad with that idea. If everything is tight and the starter works, can't ask for any more.
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