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Gen 6 502

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What is a good price for a Gen 6 502 short block? The ad states its low mileage with arias big domed pistons, complete short block, no cam or lifters. I would have to change pistons before using it. What is a fair price to pay?
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No shipping , Ad says forged crank and rods. Waiting for seller to call back with details. I'm assuming stock
I spoke to the seller, he stated it has arias pistons ,eagle rods,G.M. steel crank, fluid dampner, moroso pan and a SFT cam. He's asking $3200 but he stated that the price is negotiable .
I think if I could get it for $2500, it wouldn't be a bad deal
So I spoke to the seller again and he did some more digging into the 502 as well as taking some pictures. the engine appears to have a G.M. crank & rods, pistons are arias, and a fluid dampner. I called arias and they stated that if I called with apart number they could advise if the domes could be milled down or not. I'm gooing to look at in person early next week. Is it still worth the same money considering it has stock rods and possibly unusable pistons. Basically I would be using the crank & block assuming the pistons can't be reworked.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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