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Gen 6 502

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What is a good price for a Gen 6 502 short block? The ad states its low mileage with arias big domed pistons, complete short block, no cam or lifters. I would have to change pistons before using it. What is a fair price to pay?
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I'd say if you could get it for anything at or under $1500 would be a pretty sweet deal. Probably worth $1800-2000 really if not even a little more?

The type of crank and rods could make a big difference. "Forged crank" can still run a wide range price wise.
If it's a Lunati Sledge Hammer, or Callies Dragon Slayer it's gonna be a whole different ballpark than if it were a CAT-4340.

Any chance you could fly-cut the decks of the pistons to make them useable for your heads/build?
That could increase the potential value of it (to you) by quite a bit too, as Arias pistons are a pretty penny usually too. As well as being worth using if you could with a little "tweaking".
I think if I could get it for $2500, it wouldn't be a bad deal

I agree with this too.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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