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gas tank resto

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I am replacing my gas tank but am not restoring my whole car.

1. What would you guys recommend for cleaning up and "protecting" the body under the gas tank? Sand off the grime/dirt, surface rust (if there's any under the dirt)? What should I then coat it with?

Basically, it's more to protect the new gas tank until I do a frame off "some day."

2. I was thinking of making my own tank pad from a punctured mickey thompson racing tube. Also for the tank straps.

Do you see any problem with doing that?

3. As far as the tank, maybe use Tank Tone Metallic Coating from Eastwood? (On a search I did I found that it will look painted with the Tank Tone, and some recommended just leaving it alone, not painting it at all).On the straps, maybe powdercoat them black. Other suggestions/recomendations?

As a side note, I am reusing my tank straps and it is AMAZING how they cleaned up.

Also, I am a major newb when it comes to paint/body.


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