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GarageTown USA?

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Anyone ever heard of these places? What a crazy idea! It's like buying a condominium, but it's all garages! :thumbsup:
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That would be sweet around here, but they'd cost waaay too much, considering the price of land right now. Funny thing is, every time I see a big project being built lately, it's turned out to be storage rental. Hmmm, nope, can't see paying for storing stuff I don't use, especially when there's someone on Ebay just waiting for me to list my unwanted items. :yes: The only time it's crossed my mind to rent a storage space is my impending kitchen renovation. I'd need to store everything prior to starting, especially if I go with my plans of making my own cabinets. Make them up and store them as I go, and hopefully have the whole thing done within a couple of months of my spare time.
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