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Thinking about getting one of these so I can compare changes made on my car (cam, etc), do some tuning, and fool around (can also test my buddies cars, etc)... I figure it will be nicer (on the street) being able to do 0-60 and 1/8th mile runs, versus 1/4-mile (100+ MPH on the street, not too many places around here for that)... Actual dragstrip testing is fun, but inconvenient (plus I am inconsistant, and could get in many more runs with the G-Tech meter)...

I am NOT worried about it being 100% accurate compared to a dragstrip... Just want to compare different runs all using the same meter...

What I am interested in, is how much info the SS version provides. For example, it calcs HP and torque (rearwheel, neglecting aero drag, etc), but does it ONLY give peak numbers and a vague (small) curve? Or is there even a curve given?

If I change my cam, but peak HP/TQ don't vary much (just the RPM and area under the curve), will I be able to notice this with the SS version? It only saves like 30 runs...

Basically, the RR version comes with the additional PASS software, and you can downloaded HP/TQ curves, etc... Seems much better, more detailed (based on the GTech website)...

No current need for the Road Race/autocross features...

But is the RR version worth the additional $100???

Damn Tesla/G-Tech doesn't have an email tech address...


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Its useful as a tuning device and somethin to get some general numbers of your car. It can be quite accurate, but by most users it can be a ways off, but just being consistant is the key to doing tuning. I couldnt tell you which is a better deal or what would suit you best, just know its no replacement for the track, but it can be a hell of a lot of fun to play with.
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