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i got a set of lap/shoulder belts for the chevelle, so it will be legal-while trying them on, i noticed they have the lower section of the shoulder harness upside down-the left side should be on the right side, and fliped over, and the other side the same(its a v harness)
there is know way the belt will slip thru, as they have the end sewn in a wad
you cant flip the harness over, unless you want the adj. cutting into your shoulder, lol
has anyone run into this? i could send them back, pita though
it looks like i might be able to bend the part where the serrated shaft is, just enough to rem the shaft, and then flip the belts-wonder if anyone has tried that

its not the twist lock, but the clamp type, where the lap belt goes thru the 2 shoulder pieces, their whats upside down
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