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Fuse size for 65 chevelle?

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Hi, I was just looking in my chassis manuals and one says it should all be 20AGC and the other it shows all different types of AGC's. What size
fuse(s) do I need? thanks
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They should be different size fuses for different circuits. If you tell us what circuit you are looking for, we can tell you what size fuse.
Let me find my service manual and I will try to get back to you tomorrow.
Here you go (sorry it took me so long):
Instrument lights-3agc/agc, 3 amp
Tail, stop, courtesy, glove box, license plate, dome lights and clock-3agc/agc, 15 amp
Radio-3ag/agc, 2.5 amp
Heater-3ag/agc,10 amp
Backup lights, brake signal light-3ag/agc, 10 amp
Windshield wiper-3ag/agc, 15 amp
Air conditioning systems:
Four Seasons fuse block-20 amp, in line fuse in engine compartment-30 amp.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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