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fuse box

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where is a good place to get just a fuse block and firewall connectors? i don't need the whole wireing kit. really just where the connectors come thru the firewall. it is for a 64 ss malibu with auto and a 327. hate to wait till spring to rumage thru the local junk yard.:sad: :confused:
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Cannot guarantee for a '64, but give American Autowire/Factory Fit a call. They have a seperate catalog for the OEM reproduction harnesses and if you read all the way to the bottom of the long list of harnesses for your model, you just may find a fuse block. I went this route on my '68 and it cost me about $75.

As to the firewall bulkhead, do you have a problem with terminals or with the connector body? The terminals are replaceable within the connector body and you can get those from AAW too.
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