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does anyone have a source for a new fuse block?

the terminals on mine are corroded such that the fuses dont make reliable contact

i cleaned them up about 18 months ago as best i could but it has reoccured so at this point i would just like to replace the block with the fuse terminals and be done with it

i presume i would need to buy the engine side and the passenger side as a unit tho i really only need the passenger side and the engine side looks pretty tough to do

any tricks on the engine side half repalcement??

if new blocks are NOT availalbe how is the best way to clean up the terminals once the fuses are removed and what can i spray them with that will conduct yet prevent moisure and salt air (florida) from continuing the corrosion process??

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I'd just buy a good used one. Should be easy to find.

Bob (Pa.)

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You've got mail…

I would assume if you bought a used fuse block just cut the wires at the block and re soder them right back to the back. JMO…

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