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I know this is probably a nigerian scam attempt. But what do you think his angle is??? He included a bunch of pictures.

chevrolet delux conv 1951‏From:Mohamed SELIM

my dear friend
hope u still remember me, so far my negotiations with the owner of the red impala 1959 conv is going nowhere but i saw this car recently and it s 4 sale (chevy 1951 delux convertible(, that needs full restoration in my opinion.
attached r photos of chevy delux 1951 convertible, it s in good shape overall, original 6 cylinders engine, has changed transmission lately, chrome is not very good, actually it was re chromed sometime ago but losing it nowadays
the owner is asking 4 highest price, meaning he refuses 2 set a price leaving it 4 me
i ll see the owner once im ready 2 offer a price but i dont know how much u think this car could b? i jnow the pics r not good enough but that is all what i managed 2 get
any suggestions about a reasonable price from yr expert point of view?!
many thanks
mohamed selim
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