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Fueling the 396 and N2O

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I have to plumb for a NOS plate system. I'm trying to figure out what my best option is to keep my car alive with the juice. Right now I have a Holley Blue fuel pump and regulator feeding from the stock tank with a 3/8" pickup in the tank and 1/2" line from the pump to the regulator at the carb. I don't think It'll be able to feed my 396 and a 150 shot of N2O. Here are the options I've been kicking around.

1.One of the shows on Spike TV suggested putting a second fuel cell with it's own fuel pump and regulator in the front of the car as a dedicated fuel system for the N2O.
2. Put my Summit Fuel Cell in the trunk, order another Holley Blue fuel pump and regulator, and plumb that in to feed the N2O system and the motor. The fuel cell has all 1/2" fitting. Can I tee off of that to feed both systems?
3. ???

It's not a dedicated N2O car. I just want to play with fire.
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What's the rating on a Holley Blue pump? I feed my 396 witha 125 shot of N2O with a 1/2" line and a 130gph mechanical fuel pump without problems. your fuel line should be OK you just need to upgrade to a 125 gph fuel pump.
If you want to go to 200+ hp on the N2O you will need to get a 1/2" pickup in the tank and a 150 gph fuel pump
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