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Fuel tank strap insulation and grounding wire

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I have a 66 Malibu and currently have the fuel tank off to repair the trunk floor. When removing the tank, I found 3 strips of insulation (or padding) on top of the tank that apparently prevent the tank from rubbing against the bottom of the trunk. These strips are pretty well rotted and I am replacing them. While ordering new straps from one of the mail order suppliers, their straps included insulation strips that, I was told, go between the STRAPS and the TANK. Does anyone else have these insulation strips between the straps and the tank? This supplier wasn't even aware of the strips that go on top of the tank, so now I'm confused about what goes where. Also, is there supposed to be a ground wire to the tank, attaching near the sender?
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Hey 66 malibu.

I just reinstalled my tank in my 66 SS.

It does have a ground wire like Fred said. I got the "anti squeak" felt at NPD

You need 2 kits and they are $2.00 each.

The straps have a strip of rubber on each. Didn't see them in the NPD catalog but they are easily available in most other catalogs and inexpensive.


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