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fuel tank problem

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The fuel tank in my 71 elky will not fill up more than half way. the tank has a hose fitting on the upper front corners and a fitting in the middle of the tank. all of these hoses go to a plastic box above the fuel tank. the evap canister is long gone and the hoses are plugged. I was thinking of running a hose from the top left hose fitting to the gas cap area and installing a differential vent on the end of the hose. any thoughts or different ideas?? thanks!!
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Just put a vented gas cap on it if you have all the hoses plugged off. The 1970 cars had a vented cap because they didn't have the evap or charcoal canisters.

You should still be able to fill up the gas tank though, even with the hoses plugged off. What exactly do you mean? What prevents the gas from going in the tank?
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