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Fuel Pump Relay

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I am putting an electric fuel pump into a '75 ElCamino. (LSx engine). I want to use a fuel pump relay that will sense when the engine quits and shut off the pump. I know that many vehicles had this type of relay (I presume that newer vehicles do not use this type of relay, but are controlled by the computer instead).

I'll probably get something out of a wrecking yard - I would like to get a relay AND socket.

Any suggestions as to what vehicles to steal this from? Reliability & availability are the two obvious issues that come to mind.

Again, I'm not looking for a normal relay, but an actual "fuel pump relay" that senses when the engine quits and shuts off the fuel pump.

Scott Kelley
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Scott..I will watch this post also.I do not know of any stand alone relay that senses engine stall.If such a beast exists..then I want one also.Maybe a manifold vacuum referanced diaphram/switch could interrupt the ground side of the relay coil?The downside would have no carb prime during cranking perhaps..but the fuel bowls should be full and allow start up anyhow.It is a great question that airs on the side of safety in a rollover especially.Hopefully someone chimes in.:thumbsup:
bigfred..great link.In a rollover..the pump would starve and open the ckt.Easy to tee in with a mechanical gage also.Draining the pan thru the traps will not win races ..but save the bottom end with this sensor.I forgot about the oil burning vega.Looked at the oil pressure switch today as a redundant ckt to back up a relay fail while running.
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