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Fuel pump question...

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I have a 72 and a few years back I installed an edelbrock electric fuel pump. I just installed a Dakota Digital dash this week and now when I start the car, everything seems fine but when I turn on the directionals I can hear the pump make a surging sound as the lights flash. It almost seems like a ground issue but I'm not sure were to look. I never did install a relay in the power line as I didn't know if I really needed one for that pump. It's a mildly built 350. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :confused:
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If there is no relay, how is it wired then?

Ron is on the right track.

If you directly wired your fuel pump's power into the dash wiring, your are putting excessive current strain on your wiring. You should run a wire from the "IGN" terminal on the fuseblock to trigger a relay to turn on the pump.

The pump needs its own ground connection to body sheet metal and its power source protected by a circuit breaker or appropriate fuse.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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