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Fuel pump question...

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I have a 72 and a few years back I installed an edelbrock electric fuel pump. I just installed a Dakota Digital dash this week and now when I start the car, everything seems fine but when I turn on the directionals I can hear the pump make a surging sound as the lights flash. It almost seems like a ground issue but I'm not sure were to look. I never did install a relay in the power line as I didn't know if I really needed one for that pump. It's a mildly built 350. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :confused:
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Typically, an electric fuel pump draws too much current to be wired and powered directly through the key, at least in my experience. It would risk melting the power wire to the key imho, the way my 66 is wired. Most people would use a relay to power it and use the key to turn it on and off.

I think I would change to a relay for the pump. Then insure the dash wiring was sound and well grounded. The dash is normally powered directly by the ign switch.
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