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I have a 502 EFI crate engine (I just recently got.) I'm still in restoration stage, so I have only been starting and running the engine from time to time. (To move the car and the occational run up and down my drivway) The engine has been running fine with no problems. The other day I took it down the road and got in it a little bit, then parked it. Moved it several times from bay to bay in the paint bay. Last time I moved it the engine sounded funny, stalled twice and run like crap. I thought I was out of gas (No gauges yet) I had plenty of gas. It only took 4 gallons to fill. Now it won't start. It seems to me a fuel problem.

My question is, do you think it might be vapor lock? If it's vapor lock, how do I check or unlock this condition? I have an in tank fuel pump. Thanks Bob
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