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Fuel pressure regulator

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I had to install a pressure regulator after upgrading my fuel line and fuel pump. My problem is the pressure moves from 5 psi to 9 and I am constantly having to change it. I have looked at the gauge when the engine is hot and cold and it does not seem to be heat related.The car does act flooded on startup some times like the pressure is over powering the needle and seat. Has anyone ever purchased a bad regulator?
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What type of gauge setup do you have? FWIW, the small fuel line mounted gauges are crap. I have one on the Firebird, fuel pressure will show that it's gradually dropping to 0-1psi when it warms up. But the car runs fine. I'm thinking of upgrading to the Autometer with the isolator, mount it inside on the dash with my other gauges. What type/brand of regulator?
Sounds like the same style gauge I have. I'd read it and set it cold, and try that for now, regardless of what is says hot. Set it to 5 cold, then the next time you start the car cold, see if it's still reading 5. Do this a couple of times. If it's the same cold every time, I'd set it at what you think you need, cold, and retune the carb if needed, to eliminate that as a variable for poor running. One step at a time. Good luck.
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