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Fuel pressure regulator

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I had to install a pressure regulator after upgrading my fuel line and fuel pump. My problem is the pressure moves from 5 psi to 9 and I am constantly having to change it. I have looked at the gauge when the engine is hot and cold and it does not seem to be heat related.The car does act flooded on startup some times like the pressure is over powering the needle and seat. Has anyone ever purchased a bad regulator?
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Thanks for the reply. It is a Holley regulator. The gauge is a small fluid filled gauge threaded into one a fitting near the regulator. I had read here to stay away from the fluid filled gauges (the day after I bought it). Some times it reads 9 when warm, sometimes it reads 4-5 when warm. I think I would like to mount one inside next to my Vacum gauge so I can see it when the car is under load.
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