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Fuel gauge woes on my '69 Chevy truck.

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When the truck is turned on (doesn't have to be running) the fuel gauge works fine and reads accurately, but when I turn the truck off, the gauge needle drops down below empty. The needle can take a few seconds to "warm up" when I turn on the truck, just yesterday the needle was stuck below empty but moved up to register the tank contents when I rapped on the gauge lens.

What's at fault here? What is the fix? This has to be something fairly simple I'm guessing since the gauge works fine when the ignition switch is on. Previously the needle registerd the appropriate tank contents whether the ignition was on or off.
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It's mechanical Rich. The movement is sticking.
But once it falls down it sticks. Battery isn't changing. The float in the tank ain't moving. Back to pickin'on the meter movement.
Sweep type dash? What years or models does it cover. I'll try and keep my eyes open in my travels.
There’s nothing in the circuit to make the gage move once you remove power from it. Any movement after you turn the key off is just the gage itself. These fuel gages are dampened movements or slow reacting. If they weren’t the gage would jump all over the place as the car hits bumps in the road making the sender move as fuel sloshes.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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