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Fuel Gauge problems

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In my 68 chevelle, the fuel gauge does not seem to work. I've searched this board and tried every suggestion. If I disconnect the tan wire it will go to the full mark. If I uplug the fischer plug above the fuse box and ground the tan wire on the dash side, it only drops to about 3/4 tank. Does this mean the gauge is bad?
Any suggestions on where to get a new gauge? Can I use an after market gauge and put it in one of the multi gauge clusters?


1968 Chevelle SS396
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Try this, take off the wire (hot wire) going to the sending unit. ground that wire while the ignition switch is on. If the guage goes to empty, guage is probably good. if not, problem could be in several areas. wires, guage itself. rb6667

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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