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fuel deprivation/pressure/sputtering

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Hey all,
I have issues! I have a 1984 GMC Suburban. The 350 engine/Carter AFB Carb are newer, however, there are issues with sputtering when pulling a grade. When the engine is at idle, it seems fine and is quite responsive. It's when I am driving, most noticeable when pulling a grade, not smooth at all. I did a fuel pressure test and it is sitting at about 6 lbs but decreases substantially when I hit the throttle. More juice, much less pressure. Is this the problem? Any suggestions? Need HELP!!!!!
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Man I fixed a bunch of trucks with this problem back when that truck was almost new. Yank the blue wire out of the spark knock sensor located on the right side of the block, it threads into the water jacket then go for a road test. If your problem is solved reset the timing to top dead center and let it rip. Chevy had a lot of problems with that electronic spark control system back then. There was a bulletin on it where you remove two of the four wires at the distributor and jumper two of them together. Just unplug the knock sensor and see if that works.
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