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Front Window Channel 68-72

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Wondering how far apart to put in spot welds with the mig for the front window channel? Looks like every inch should be good to get it to stick. It was a major pita to get the old spots welds out. Took 10 mins to cut upper edge off, and another 1-2hrs to get the welds drilled out and cleaned up

Anyone installed one of these yet and have pics of before and after shots?
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Well, I didn't get any answers so I went ahead and drilled every 2". This panel actually fits very very well even though I had to cut the back edge off to fit my Elky. I took the cutoff wheel on the grinder and zinged off the back lip, then cut the lower section by the spot welds. After I got that all cleaned up, took the shears and made a nice clean cut all down the front edge.

This Dynacorn piece fits pretty darn good, much thicker than the stock metal on that area. This is a nice aftermarket piece of sheetmetal. Next to tack weld and grind.

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Looks great to me! I need to get a box of sheet metal screws, I always just take and wrestle with it. I always forget about the sheet metal screws. Nice job.
Ya I forget about them all the time. I sit around scratching my head trying to figure how I was gonna clamp that piece down.. DUHHHH.... Sheet metal screws to the rescue.
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