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front wheels wont align

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So I have 2 inch drop spindles and upgrade discs on the front. When I go to do the alignment, I cant get the left wheel(drivers side) to line up straight. The passenger is no prob. I have the driver side rod in all the way and wont go any further. Its about 1/2 off fron the passenger side.
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yes Toe-In sorry forgot to put that
Center your steering wheel and look at your steering box pitman arm and idler arm on the passenger side. They should be parallel to each other with steering centered. Now, adjust the right side toe (you can eyeball this with a straightedge placed against the outside of the wheel) without moving the steering wheel. Now, try to adjust the toe on driver side. If it won't adjust and nothing is bent, and the hub has the correct steering knuckle for your car, the inner or outer tie rod on that side is the wrong part. Question: did you buy the drop spindles as a kit with new knuckles and tie rods, or do you have a mix of new and OEM? Sounds like mismatched components.
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