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Front wheel bearing adjustment

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Did a search on adjusting the front disk wheel bearing...........seems like quite a few different opinions but mostly the same.........most are to torque to 12 ft pounds or use channel lock to set the bearings in, then finger tighten........then back off a notch to set the cotter pin.

What i found out on my deal is i can do all of the above, but i found out i can get the cotter pin inserted by grabbing the nut with my hand and turning it a hair more tighter...........seems everything is spinning ok.

With this setting i found i could still move the slotted washer a hair in either direction behind the castle im assuming this is zero preload.

Any issues you guys see using this method.


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I have been told that on these cars you back the nut off a little bit to allow for thermal expansion of the bearing. I've never had a problem doing it that way. I have very little movement of the tire (top and bottom) after installing things this way.
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