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Front turn signal light question

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On a 1966 Chevelle SS, when the headlights are on, should the front turn signal bulbs be illuminated also(like later cars...where there is a halfway on setting that just turns on the "parking lights"?)

Or do they just come on when the turn signal is used? If they're supposed to be on when the headlights are on...where's the first place to look to see why they aren't ???


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Is the bulb one filament or two? I may get corrected but I believe that park uses the low wattage filament and turn uses the high wattage filament of a dual bulb. Another way to look at is if there is one wire going into the socket or two.

If you have no front parking lights... validate you do have rear tail lights as both are supplied off of the same switch and I think fuse. Next I would verify you have a ground at the front sockets and no disconnected wires up in the fenderwell/core support area.

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