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Front turn signal light question

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On a 1966 Chevelle SS, when the headlights are on, should the front turn signal bulbs be illuminated also(like later cars...where there is a halfway on setting that just turns on the "parking lights"?)

Or do they just come on when the turn signal is used? If they're supposed to be on when the headlights are on...where's the first place to look to see why they aren't ???


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I'm not sure about the 66's, but they do not illuminate on 64. I'm just not positive what year they made the change. Send a PM to 66 Mystery Chevelle. Mike will be able to tell you.
new_to_chevelles said:
So, what I understand is that they are not illuminated for nighttime driving then? They only come on when you signal for a lane change?

I will check this evening...but I'm almost positive that even on the first notch...they don't come on...? My headlights, tail lights, and turn signal all work
They should be illuminated when the parking lights are on (the first notch) but go off when the headlights are on (second notch). Remove the switch from the harness and run a jumper from the power for the headlight switch and the parking light wire and see if they come on. IF not it's a wiring problem, if so then the switch.
If you want to have the front parking lights on with the headlights, run a jumper from the tail light wire to the parking light wire.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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