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Ready to buy a set of wheels and tires.
Rear wheels- Oldsmobile SSI 15x10 5.5 backspace.
Rear tires- Hoosier quick time D.O.T P 295/50-15
Front wheels- Oldsmobile SSI 15x8 4.5 backspace
Front tires-????

Of the following sizes, what would work best up front?
P 175/70-15
P 245 /60-15
P 275 /60-15
P 275 /50-15
P 295 /50-15
P 295 /60-15
P 325 /50-15
LT 31 x 16.5-15
LT 31 x 18.5-15
LT 33 x 22.5-15
Sorry to be so specific. No idea what the P/LT signifies. These are the only sizes the tires I want come in. Thanks

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I have 245/60R 15 on my lowered 72 , only thing is the passenger tire will
rub a little sometimes when I turn into a driveway , Rubs on the inside I think .
No problems driving on the road , Tire is 26.6in tall , 9.6in wide ,

Is the SS! available with a 5.5in back space , I can only find a 5in on Summit
I am looking at buying a set of these for my Chevelle ,But want 15 x 10 for the rear .

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It would help if we knew what car you were talking about!
P means passenger and LT is light truck. Of your choices only the 245 will work. The ones after that are way too large for the front of most cars.

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On my 70 (stock ride height) I have P225/70R 15 on the front and P275/60R 15 on the rear. All are on Cragar 15x7 rims. Plenty of clearence all around and no side bulge on the 275's.
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