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Hey all:

My adjustable shocks pooped the bed after one year and about 1,000 miles of not real hard driving. This is a PITA because you have to drop the lower A arm and pull the springs to change the shocks. This is in addition to buying a new set at $378 per pair plus shipping, or sending these back for rebuild and waiting three weeks to get them back. Consequently I am thinking about just going to a standard shock of good quality.

Will I lose that much performance and handling with a good non-adjustable shock? My front suspension set up is after market upper A arms with tall ball joints which drop the suspension by about 1". Any reason I should not go with a standard shock? Any suggestions or advice on a brand is also appreciated. Car is only street driven and I want to have as good handling as I can within $$ reason.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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