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Front Dual Speakers, worth anything?

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I have a set of original dual speakers from my 70 Chevelle with brackets. I am considering getting rid of them. Are they worth anything?

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Yes and no. Depends if there from an idiot lite dash or a guage dash. Yes, the driver side is different between the two dashes. Trying to find an aftermarket speaker to fit the drivers side is almost impossible. But, if you have an original speaker that works, they don't always, they sound like crap. For the sake of originality and ease of installation I had my original speakers re-coned and they sounded like brand new, bad! These brackets and speakers are around and by no means rare but if they work and someone wants to go original, they would be worth something. They drivers side bracket and speaker from the guage dash is probably the hardest one to find.

P.S. A lot of people believe that when you have dual speakers in your dash that it means its a stereo dash. Actually its an A/ C dash because there is ducting where the center speaker would be. Back in those days there were very few stereo radio's in cars, most were mono. They did use the A/C dash for the stereo units, but there were far more A/C cars then stereo cars.
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I've had several 71's and 72's with A/C and no stereo's that did not have the center speaker. Guess I shouldn't assume anything or say never, but mine were factory as well and there doesn't seem to enough room for one. I guess I've learned something new today. What year was yours?
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